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Questionaire Draw

Golden Pond Draw

On Golden Pond actors, Jo Hubbard who plays Ethel Thayer and Peter King playing Norman Thayer, make the draw for the winner from the completed questionaires of audience members at our last production, Barefoot in the Park. The questionaire was targeted at gathering information to guide us on what we offer area residents in terms of theatre, and how we communicate it. The winner of a pair of opening night tickets for On Golden Pond was Teresa Hiltz of Singhampton. Enjoy the show, Teresa!

Feral Cat Rescue Donation

Feral Cat Rescue Donation

Grey CatFeeding Cats

Jane Turnbull was given a tour of Shelburne's Feral Cat Rescue sanctuary when she donated the proceeds from our concession sales during the production of Murder Mistaken to Sharon Morden. She also met Sharon's team of volunteers and, of course, the cats.

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Shelburne Free Press


Two Minute Questionaire Draw for Tickets


Newly elected Tipling Stage Company President, Jane Turnbull, and Bev Nicholas, director of Murder Mistaken by Janet Green, draw the winning entries in the draw for participants from the audiences of The Great Kooshog Lake Hollis McCauley Fishing Derby who completed the Two Minute Questionaire.

Winners of a pair of tickets to see Murder Mistaken were Valerie Welch of Melancthon, Sandra Chmarney of Orangeville, Donna Cousineau of Brampton, Jim Oatman of Melancthon and J Newton of Mulmur.

Christmas Around the World

Santa Claus Parade 2015.

We had a great time at Shelburne's Christmas Around the World Santa Claus Parade.

Bob (Toby) Turnbull, Jane Turnbull, Julie White, Michelle Graham, Sohayla Smith and Sherry Mcdonald pose with their handiwork as parade participants lined up at Hyland Park. Then we all walked the route handing out sweepstakes entries for tickets to Norm Foster's The Great Kooshog Lake Hollis McCauley Fishing Derby. Michelle and Sohayla are both cast members and Sherry's stage manager.

Santa Claus Parade 2015
Toby  SherryandSohayla

Parade route photography - Alex Sher, Shelburne Freelancer.

Eric Nagler

Sweepstakes entries were deposited at Second Fiddle where Eric Nagler drew the winning entries. Lynda Galbraith and Nancy Kratky of Shelburne and Jason Mills of Dundalk were each announced winners of a pair of tickets to TSC's production of Norm Foster's The Great Kooshog Lake Hollis McCauley Fishing Derby. Enjoy the show!

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In Memory of Amber

Amber first auditioned for us when we were casting the pantomime Aladdin, impressing all of us with her wonderful voice. Shortly after that production, she came to our rescue when a cast member withdrew from Norm Foster's Drinking Alone, and learned the part of the cynical, disillusioned Carrie O'Neill in four short weeks. Early last year (2014) Amber, in the midst of breast cancer treatment, played Natalie, the runaway-wife-turned-brothel-inmate-with-ambition, in Jenny's House of Joy. Earlier this year, the cancer returned and, after after admirably preparing her children for the inevitable, Amber passed away on November 8th, 2015. We shall always remember her as a talented actor and singer who contributed immeasurably to the Tipling Stage Company, and as a woman we are proud to have known.

Kids' turn to star

Song Sheet

"The Song Sheet" is an integral part of TSC's pantomimes. After audience participation, all the children are invited up on stage to perform the song. These kids weren't afraid of The Big Bad Wolf and let everybody know.


Intermission is a piece of cake.

Tipling Stage Company always has a cake as the 'star' of the show at intermission on first night. Shelburne's stellar cake-maker Sharon Morden provides the mouth-watering edible art. Our November 2014 pantomime, Red Riding Hood featured the artwork from Jean Jardine Miller's poster design and, although, regretfully spoiled after being cut into small squares, there was enough for everyone to enjoy. For the next time you need a special occasion cake, Sharon's Cakes telephone number is 519-925-1005!

2013 Fiddle Fest Parade

Fiddle Fest 2013

TSC members took part in the 2013 Fiddle Fest Parade, toting a banner promoting the upcoming Made in Canada Season of Comedy in Shelburne and handing out sweepstakes entry forms. Winner of a pair of tickets to each of the three productions was Doreen Gray of Amaranth. Congratulations, Doreen, and enjoy the shows!

Let's go

LET'S GO! at the library

Debbie Tait, Peter King and Amber Tabor performed Jean Jardine Miller's short play, Let's Go! for the children in Shelburne Library's 2013 TD Summer Reading Club. Peter was Lucky Lenny, the engine driver, taking the children on a train journey across Canada, Amber played Terry, ticket lady, and Debbie was Jessie Jones, the conductor. The children were told about the history of the various areas of the country the train passed through, as well as about the the tourist attractions of today, all to the acompaniment of lots of Canadian music - from the folk songs of The Travellers to Ontari-ari-ari-o to Burl Ives' Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Oh, and lots of great train sound effects!


2103 THEAs

Tipling Stage Company was the recipient of two awards and had a total of five nominations in this year's ACT-CO Festival. The pantomime Aladdin, by Bev Nicholas, won the Musical Adjudicator's Award for Cohesive and Comprehensive Realisation of the Director's Vision and the comedy There Goes the Bride, by Ray Cooney and John Chapman, won the Comedy Adjudicator's Award for Community Spirit. TSC members were also nominated for Best Performance by a Male in a Supporting Role: Bev Nicholas for the Sultan of Magador in Aladdin; Best Costume Design: Jo Hubbard for Aladdin and Best Sound Design: Sheldon Peeters for Aladdin.

2012 Santa Claus Parade


The winner of our Santa Claus Parade Sweepstakes is Kimberlee Adams of Honeywood. She wins tickets to Aladdin for her family. Enjoy the show, Kimberlee!

2012 Fiddle Festival Parade



Bev Nicholas wins a THEA

"... and the THEA for Best Playwriting Award in the Musical Category goes to Bev Nicholas for Jack and the Beanstalk!"

Christmas Extravaganza 2010

Amanda Philip Christmas Extravaganza Jo Hubbard

'NARNIA' at the 2008 Shelburne Santa Claus Parade

2008 Christmas Parade

Float at the 2008 Fiddle Festival Parade

2008 Fiddle Festival Parade 1008

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